Who We Are

We are Nexteum and we challenge perfection with innovation. It took us 10 years to understand how much it costs.

Today more than 600 of IT enthusiasts are proud to perform for core market players with billions turnover. Our genius developed tools to serve millions of clients together with 10K transactions every single day. Obsessed with technology we build smart systems to support big e-commerce or technical catalogs like eBay or Amazon. However, unlike both of them we offer more complex 3D structure instead of the usual 2D.

The system we have developed is easily scalable, imagine the other day you need to upload twice more products or vendors or you’ve decided to start conquering a totally new niche, stop panicking, this is as easy as pie for us. Those who know what SEO means understanding that all this brings customers to us through free (organic) traffic, but they do not know that it happens with 30%+ average annual growth. The task of such magnitude naturally requires unique solution towards database architecture.

While the majority utilizes the info they get from the manufacturer as is, we do full data refurbishing together with tracking each purchase lifecycle and bingo! we have a chance to provide a client with the most exact product fitment info together with its specs.

Why this should bother us? Such pedantic approach dramatically decreases the chance of a mistake in catalog; as a bonus ultimate user-experience and no returns.

We are a company of a full cycle. Our work with catalog begins with data processing, DB architecture, UX/UI architecture of catalog, unit testing, development, testing, filling import with data and media, integration of catalog into CRM, billing & shipping system, ERP in compliance with ANSI and, ultimately, customer service.

On top of that we are a multi vendor and multi warehouse platform. Smart logistics algorithm saves our Customers millions of dollars on shipping and please shoppers with affordable delivery cost and shipping time.

One of our core business values is to give every Customer that special feeling of ultimate data security, so with Customer in mind, we’ve designed our own anti-parsing system to keep all the intellectual achievements protected. Needless to say that we are fully GDPR complaint.

No matter what you want to gain target audience with, no matter how many products you offer and what their complexity is, you are just one step from the revenue you could not even dream about. So say ‘yes’ to ultimate eCommerce experience, cause we are ambitious IT trend-setters. We are Nexteum. We challenge perfection with innovation.

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