Developers from Germany, Croatia and Sweden broached new trends of PHP at CODEiD

In August Nexteum company organized in Odessa the fourth conference CODEiD — PHP Odessa Conf #4. Event, which was dedicated to the development of the Ukrainian PHP movement, has so far become the most numerous in its history and gathered about 200 visitors.

«The conference is very distinctive. I would say that it «sounds» like a well-organized music band, — Marco Pivetta, a speaker from Germany, shared his impressions, — Ukrainian developers are well under way to use the opportunity to ask right questions, to hear useful answers and pieces of advice, which will apply in their practice. This community is very cool, because there is a productive network.»

Reports of seven speakers of the conference from Germany, Sweden, Croatia and Ukraine were dedicated to the last trends of PHP, management and development. CEO Lazy Ants Aleksandr Demchenko specifically told about the most promoted by Facebook technology — GraphQL, the last version of which was released in July 2018.
«It is a very interesting and useful tool for a frontend developer. This is a «language» which is not presented in a classic version of the language, but in a simplified, in the the language form of the typed annotations. And this form brings simplicity, purity of code and quality of solutions to the world of frontend» — he underlined during the report.

«The conference gives a lot of useful content and new knowledge. Some things, which were heard here, will be introduced in my future practice. I’m glad to get new acquaintances, to meet interesting people and to have a constructive networking» — a participant of the conference, Yrii Makuha from Pro Zorro, shared his impressions.
Other informative reports, which are specifically dedicated to Domain Driven Design and Symfony A4, are available on the CODEiD YouTube — channel.

Next conference PHP Odessa Conf #5 will be held in December 2018. The organizers promise to continue the tradition to invite foreign speakers with a good experience and unique expertise.

About CODEiD:
CODEiD is an all-Ukrainian PHP developers community, created for sharing experience, the development of networking among programmers and the popularization of the PHP movement. We hold a conference PHP Odessa Conf and organize thematic meetups several times a year. We invite foreign speakers with a convincing experience and unique expertise. There are topical reports about the latest PHP trends, workshops with practical cases, useful PHP lifehacks in the event guide.