Expansion of the business and competent managment : Nexteum was included into TOP 30 IT companies of Ukraine

According to the results of the first half of 2018, Nexteum company was included into the list of the largest IT-companies of Ukraine. In the ranking, compiled by the independent technical publication DOU, Nexteum took the 29th position.

The growth of the company was provided by new projects, using of “cutting-edge” technologies and a non-standard approach for solving tasks. The modern management, focused on increasing the competitiveness of the company, also helps to scale the business successfully .

“We have created eight business lines from one North American online platform for 6 month. In a short time we have increased the fecundity and the overall efficiency of the projects. Thus, over the year our product has grown for more than 30%. We carefully monitor new trends of the IT market and offer our customers the best advanced technologies.” — technicians noted in the press service of Nexteum.

Now the company has more than 600 employees. The offices of development are located in Kiev, Odessa and Nikolaev. As the projects grow, Nexteum systematically expands the team and offers perspective cooperation for programmers, testers, web-designers, project- and product-managers.

The main thing for us — human potential. We give excellent professional development opportunities to each employee. Many of our specialists grown to the team lead level and become leaders of successful teams. As a company of new economy we practice management, focused not on processes, but on final efficiency and product.” — it is added in Nexteum.

For more than 14 years, the company has been working with the western market and foreign customers. Nexteum creates software and chain of the online-stores in the field of auto-tuning, motorsports, outdoor activities, extreme and water sports, hunting and fishing. The company’s portfolio includes hundreds of innovative technical solutions tailored to the individual needs of the client.